First Meeting: TBD in February 2010

Planning is now well underway for the first Winnipeg Girl Geek Dinner event. The first time around will be to simply gauge interest and get to know one another. At that point, we can discuss the desired meeting format, potential speakers and topics, and possible venue(s). Until we have sponsorship organized, venues chosen will be free (i.e. public), and attendees will pay for their own food and drinks.

If you have an interest in technology, you are welcome to join us! No specific industry is targeted; we hope to see representatives from many areas such as math and science, new media, graphic design, dev, tech, and more. Please Contact Us if you want to be involved in any way – plan, hunt down a good venue, volunteer to speak, etc.

You guy geeks out there are welcome to attend as well, but the rule of thumb is to be invited by a girl attending. At many technical conventions, guys outnumber girls by about 10 to 1. Using this guideline ensures that at most the ratio will be 1 to 1.


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