Winnipeg Girl Geek Dinners is part of the global Girl Geek Dinners movement. We get together monthly to eat, chat, and learn from each other. Some of the presentation topics in the past have been about entrepreneurship, programming, photography, professional life, and social media.

We welcome everyone to attend, whether they be students, professionals, or people just wanting to get out for some lively conversation. Guys are also welcome, provided they receive an invitation from a girl attending the event; we ask this to keep up the atmosphere of an equal or higher girl-to-guy ratio.


Trish Rempel founded Winnipeg Girl Geek Dinners in January 2010 because she wanted to meet more women in IT and women interested in technology in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

An application developer and analyst, Trish lives in Manitoba, Canada with her husband and daughter, and her geeky interests include Star Trek, RPGs, fantasy novels, and nerdcore rapping.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. This group sounds interesting…I may have to try and make it down! (And since you may allow men, my geeky husband may also be interested!)

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